[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#646673: ibus-table-latex: incomplete

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Tue Dec 27 13:48:47 UTC 2011

reopen 646673
tag 646673 - upstream
tag 646673 moreinfo
found 646673

The closing of this bug report was my mistake.  Excuse me.

But this wishlist bug report is not so useful as reported.

You have to report explicit wish of what latex sequence to add.

You can get source file latex.txt at:
You can get source by "apt-get source ibus-table-others", too.
This file is UTF-8 encoded.

This file seems quite self-explanatory.

Moreover, upstream tag is used when this bug report is reported to
upstream.  I do not think anyone did.  Thus I am removing tag. 

For me to forward meaningful communication, I need you to send a
specific request to update this file to your expectation.  Otherwise, I
have nothing to communicate to upstream.

I also recommend you to directly communicate with upstream while CC ing
this bug report.  I do not understand you now but we can track you and
help you later.



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