[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#649235: Bug#649235: ibus-sunpinyin: please depend on/recommend python-glade2

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Thu Dec 29 09:28:49 UTC 2011


Wait a moment... please.

My mail had 2 points.
 * bug needs to be responded and dealt properly. (This is the primary point)
 * bug seems easy if it is only to add dependency. (This was a small point)

This second point should have had some qualifier stating "If this is
really a bug and bug reporter is right, ..."  I did not check this in
detail when I posted message.  I did not mean to ask you to follow BTS
report without questioning its validity.  I did not even know if BTS
report is right.

On Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 01:12:33AM +0800, Liang Guo wrote:
> Hi, 
> I've upload a new one to mentors.d.n and asked Tomas Gorirand to sponsor it. 
> This upload will fix this problem. 
> /usr/lib/ibus-sunpinyin is the default install destinationm, IMO, 
> ibus-setup-sunpinyin  should be called via input window, rather than via the
> command line. 

You mean that this is called via ibus panel and, in that case, this
always works without problem as is? If this is true.  Then you can and
should respond so and closed this bug or mark this bug as
wishlist/wontfix with this comment.

I did not know the answer.  Let me see .... hmmmm ...

My guts feeling is python-gtk2 dependency is enough since we are not
using glade to create UI interface from this dialogue.

ibus-anthy, ibus-sunpinyin, ibus-pinyin, ... : all depends on ibus
ibus depends on ibus-python
ibus-python depends on python-gtk2

So we are OK with dependency.

> other ibus input engine, such as ibus-pinyin, put ibus-engine-* 
> and ibus-setup-* in /usr/lib directory too. 

Yah... many many program executables are shipped in this way if they are meant to be
called from within its packaged programs.  These are private
executables and they reside in /usr/lib/foo directories.

/usr/lib/git-core/ is a good example :-)

> Thanks and Regards,



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