[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#669079: Bug#669079: [libchewing] dbg package not usable when --enable-debug gets removed during build

KanRu Chen koster at debian.org
Tue Apr 17 06:35:12 UTC 2012

Aron Xu <happyaron.xu at gmail.com> writes:

> Package: src:libchewing
> Version: 0.3.3-4
> Severity: grave
> Hi, I'm blocking 0.3.3-4's migration to testing, because the changes
> of removing --enable-debug will make libchewing3-dbg package not
> usable. dh_strip can strip out debugging symbols to -dbg package so
> there is no risk of leaking private data if the library is written
> properly. If the debug symbols cannot be stripped correctly, then
> please either remove the -dbg package or build the source twice with
> different flags.

Note that I've add an -g to CFLAGS so there will be correct debug
information attached.

--enable-debug, though it's name might be confusing, is really only for
developer for debugging purpose. It will write logs to /tmp thus leaking
private data and shouldn't be enabled by default.

Please close this bug if you agree.


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