[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#731989: ibus 1.5.4-1 makes all window stalling

Flos Lonicerae lonicerae at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 02:04:05 UTC 2013


I opened a ticket in the ibus issue list:

Please feel free to join the discussion. Thank you!


2013/12/13 Osamu Aoki <osamu_aoki_home at nifty.com>:
> Hi,
>> Yes, I already using the 'apt-get dist-upgrade' to upgrade the whole
>> system. I don't use GNOME3, I use lxde instead.
> OK.
> GNOME3 had change in keyboard input system.  New ibus follows it.
> (fcitx, scim did not).  LXDE may be the reason. Possibly, KDE, XFCE may
> also suffer. mmmm  It could be fundamental problem.
>> From the strace, lots of 'futex' call can be found. I could post the
>> strace log for you if you need it.
> Too complicated for me to parse.  This is something you may wish to talk
> to upstream once cause is found.
>> Hmm... I think I would fallback to the older version of ibus.
> Possible...
>> No. Here, I mean: 'right click on the ibus icon in the system tray and
>> select the 'Quit' item in the pop-up menu'.
> By the way, what ibus subpackage do you use? ibus-anthy, ibus-pinyin,
> ...?  Problem may be there.  Since not many chinese package, I compiled
> them but not much used by me since I do not know how...
> Osamu

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