[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#699368: ibus Ctrl-Space key binding conflicts with eclipse, emacs and other IDEs

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Thu Jan 31 13:53:43 UTC 2013

severity 699368 wishlist
tags 699368 + wontfix
tags 699368 - l10n


Asian input method IME/FEP start/toggle keys in use are:
  shift-space:   older Japanese UNIX-like OS and some Windows pre-MS-IME tools
  control-space: older Chinese UNIX-like OS
  control-enter: I see web document mentioning Solaris used to do this.

And all these shift/ctrol/alt/-space/enter/... combination were used by
text input method.  This is highly desirable keys which OS-level utility
like to take control.

On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 06:49:40PM +0100, Jose Luis Martin wrote:
> Package: ibus
> Version: 1.4.1-9
> Severity: normal
> After installing ibus,   eclipse auto-completion stop working because
> Ctrl-Space key binding was used by ibus.

Yes.  So what is wrong here.  You filed this not as wishlist but normal
bug.  I fail to understand rationale behind your reasoning eclipse
should own this key binding.

I found:

So this key combination is liked by many apps and tends to conflict
with popular cross-platform input method change method convention.

UNIX-like input method for Japanese used shift-space in old days with
xim+kinput2 etc.  (At least from 1998)

> The Ctrl-Space key is a very common key binding  and used historycally
> by  eclipse code assistant and other IDEs.  It should not filtered by
> new software by default.

Please provide reference for history.

ibus is following Chinese input method tradition as I understand which
use ctrl-space.  (Japanese seems to use shift-space.)
  ibus: 2008-05-12 and since then uses ctrl-space
  scim: 2003 and since (precursor to ibus and uses ctrl-space)
  I am sure some chinese IM used this before 2000.

  eclipse:  2002 not so old.

This is 2013.  No one except you complained this for 5 years.

Also as I see web for Mac:
Command+Space seems to be choice to switch IM for MAC OSX. (MAC-command==WIN-control)

So this is not situation where very common cross platform OS level
convention for basic UI needs to be changed just for an application.

> Solved running ibus-setup and deleting the key-binding.

Or changing eclipse key-binding, you get the same coexistence.

This is not normal BUG for ibus for sure.

This is at best wishlist bug with wontfix attached.

> Tags: l10n
Usually, this tag is used for PO translation etc.  This is not needed. 


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