[Pkg-ime-devel] ibus 1.5.2 to experimental

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Wed Jul 10 13:21:35 UTC 2013


I have merged post-revert changes in unstable to ibus 1.5 packaging.
(Also, all stable uploads has been completed)

In order to avoid upgrade issues, I will keep these in experimental.
Please keep them so until we all agree these 1.5 series ibus packages
are ready for unstable.

My initial package is pure 1.5.2 based 1.5.2-1.  But there are many
compile time warning which upstrean VCS has already addressed.

So the next 1.5.2-2 should have all 17 or more upstream pre-1.5.3
patches included.  But that will make
 * input-method initiation to be Alt-space fixing #699368
 * Delete ibus.desktop for ibus

I think we need to decide what to do with desktop file on Debian.  (not
just for ibus but other IMEs.)

Here is a quick recent dev. time lines.

ibus 1.5.0    2012-12-08
ibus 1.5.1    2012-12-11
Fedora 18     2013-01-15  <== First release (rough)
ibus 1.5.2    2013-04-17
Debian 7.0    2013-05-04  <== Basically with ibus 1.4.1
Debian 7.1    2013-06-15
Fedora 19     2013-07-02  <== 17 patches from 1.5.2

So I hope that ibus should be somewhat usable now.


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