[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#705493: Bug#705493: closed by YunQiang Su <wzssyqa at gmail.com> (Re: Bug#705493: hi)

Aron Xu aron at debian.org
Wed Jul 31 13:34:08 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 1:23 AM, Toni Mueller <support at oeko.net> wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 05:00:09PM +0000, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
>> This is not a bug, you should use im-config to set proper env.
> I actually do this. I lose the ability to use fcitx in certain programs
> in the middle of a session, at random points. Like I work for, say, an
> hour, and suddenly, the ability to use fcitx with certain (console)
> programs goes away in the middle of said session.

This is a bug in im-config, because im-config now launch input method
after dbus is successfully initialized. But there is problem that it
exports those environmental variables at that time, so that
applications that have components spawned directly by the desktop
dbus-daemon process will not have those environmental variables set.


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