[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#695452: updating chewing

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Thu Jun 20 13:28:19 UTC 2013

Hi folks, I am fixing RC bug now.  I saw these bugs.

Hi jidanni,

The Debian packager may not understand Chinese and may not be suitable
to do conversion table.  I think you will be more productive talk to the
upstream on this issue.  I think you will be in better position to talk
to upstream on this issue and I will not forward this.  (At least
ChangZhuo seems to be working very active on this package.)

Hi ChangZhuo Chen,

You seem to have git repo for this package with many bug fixes.


Are you a part of the upstream?

Does this package have upstream official VCS?  It does not seem to be
listed.  Or you are the upstream?

What do you think jidanni's suggestion as below:

It will be nice if you include them if they are valid.
I can not judge his suggestion.

Also, please see this important RC porting bug and adopt this as

Also isn't it time to upload new upstream version?  Instead of me
chasing your git repo, it will be nice to have a new package.
Otherwise, proofed single patch file is easier for me to manage too.


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