[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#716196: [Mayhem] Bug report on opencc: opencc_dict segfaults

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Sat Nov 2 16:23:51 UTC 2013

control: found 716196 0.4.3-2


I wonder if there are some howtos for dealing with these many bugs

Those folks created test cases should have some idea why these are
tested.  I feel like you are gathering data how these bugs are fixed.
If so, please tell us what you already know.  A list of "typical problem
/ typical symptom / typical solution" will be nice.

It is not nice if you do not tell us.  We are volunteers and I do not
think I should be the one duplicating previously known issues which you
are aware of.  (It does not need to be complete list.)   You will still
gain a lot if the bug fix does not exist in your published list.

Oh, This bug still exists in the newer upstream version and I marked it

I did not have time to trace this program with GDB.  But with quick
glance, I see some issues.

/src/tools/opencc_dict.c uses strcpy to copy command line arguments to
a fixed length buffer.

length check in advance or strncpy may be a good idea.

Anyway, I am no expert on this.

Aron and YunQiang, can you look this in? 


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