[Pkg-ime-devel] RFS: marisa/libkkc/ibus-kkc

Mitsuya Shibata mty.shibata at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 13:31:31 UTC 2014

Hi Osamu,

> Transition Window Closed <TRANSITIONS>
> If this update contain ABI change, I guess we should not upload it.
> If this is a just minor bug fix version only without major library
> version change, the best thing to do is use the previous upstream
> version and add patch with bumping debian revision.

Thank you for your information. I see.
It seems that I need to read the announce attentively.

> Please do not add debian/libmarisa0.symbols unless someone said this is the
> right thing.  (After reading
> http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/journal/2012-01/008.html , it does not seem
> to be much useful to me.)
> If I understand correctly, the symbols file is good idea for C library
> but not for C++ due to reasons beyond my knowledge.  Also your symbols file is
> not stripping Debian revision causing lintian to give warning.

Thank you for your advices and sorry for I failed to catch above warning.
I updated VCS with your modification with following command:

    git import-dsc --allow-same-version marisa_0.2.4-8.dsc

>> > - ibus-kkc/1.5.21-1
> Please add "ibus" to the Depends of ibus-kkc which makes it easy for
> people installing this package.  All other ibus-foo packages do this.
> Compile failed. Can you fix this?
> | checking for LIBKKC... no
> | configure: error: can't find libkkc

The ibus-kkc 1.5.21-1 requires libkkc 0.3.4-1. This message
means "not found libkkc 0.3.4".

ref: configure.ac
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBKKC, [kkc-1.0 >= 0.3.4], ,
  AC_MSG_ERROR([can't find libkkc]))

It seems because libkkc 0.3.4 is archived, does not fail to build anymore.
I uploaded fixed (about "ibus" dependency and update standards-version)
package to mentors.


Does not upload to VCS yet.

Mitsuya Shibata
mty.shibata at gmail.com

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