[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#727823: <layout> for Japanese IM

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Tue Oct 21 14:00:32 UTC 2014

Control: tags 727823 - patch
Control: severity 727823 wishlist
Control: tags 727823 + wontfix


Please note that the value set to <layout>default</layout> and
<layout>jp</layout> by the ibus-foo system default can be overriden by
the user via GUI menu.

I used to think <layout>default</layout> is the best ... but I changed
my mind and go with upstream choice basically now.  Here is the
background and the situation.

 upstream default is <layout>jp</layout>
 ./configure is used to set package to <layout>default</layout>
 (It was this way, ...so I am not changing this unless someone

 upstream default is <layout>jp</layout>

 upstream default is <layout>jp</layout>

 upstream default is <layout>us</layout>
 (User selectable alternative: <layout>default</layout>)

Why use: "jp"
 Even if user select XKB setting of Russian as the previous input mode,
 keyboard input works OK in ibus-*.  Usually, "us" users are technical 
 and should be able to find user configuration setting :-)

Why use: "default"
 US keyboard user are OK.  But unless "jp" keyboard user setup XKB mode to
 "jp" previously, GNOME may set XKB to "us".  If Russian XKB keyboard is
 used, unusable in ibus-*.  Quite annoying.
 There are more "jp" keyboard users for ibus-<japanese-input-method> and 
 we should care them more.

 Go with what has been and do not change upstream setting from now on.



PS: I came to this conclusion after discussing with skk/kkc upstream
    (ueno-san @ gnu)
FYI: Fedora as the distribution seems to like <layout>default</layout>.

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