[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#793260: Bug#793260: Bug#793260: marisa: change of type in system_error might break with GCC-5

Mitsuya Shibata mty.shibata at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 19:47:46 UTC 2015

Hi, Guo

2015-09-03 2:35 GMT+09:00 Guo Yixuan <culu.gyx at gmail.com>:
> Actually, after rebuilding with 5.2, there's only one symbol with cxx11 ABI
> substring:
>        U typeinfo for std::ios_base::failure[abi:cxx11]

Thank you for your investigation. I confirmed not rename package or soname.

1. marisa only use std::ios_base::failure in reader.cc/writer.cc
2. This just catch the exception, and throw an original exception (by
3. This original exception (Exception class) inherit std::exception
(not std::system_error).
4. marisa::Exception receive "std:ios_base::failure" as an error string.
5. Software link libmarisa will catch marisa::Exception only.

It seems that software which link libmarisa does not affect gcc5 transition.
I will upload package bumped up version to mentors,
and will send request for sponsorship.

Mitsuya Shibata
mty.shibata at gmail.com

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