[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#858755: non-GNOME desktop not supported well by ibus

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Sat Aug 12 11:52:20 UTC 2017

control: retitle 858755 non-GNOME desktop not supported well by ibus 
control: retitle 852760 non-GNOME desktop not supported well by ibus
control: retitle 813111 non-GNOME desktop not supported well by ibus
control: severity 858755 wishlist
control: severity 852760 wishlist
control: severity 813111 wishlist
control: forcemerge 858755 852760 813111

Sorry but I only test ibus on GNOME where I am comfortable.  Thus I am
keenly aware that the ibus input method needs attention.

If you use GNOME on Wayland, you will face input problem on Stretch if
you try to use browsers.  (I can't use such desktop now)

Unless patch and test result comes in, I really can't support other
desktops.  There seem to exist issues and QT was fixed right before the
release.  But I don't have enough time to take care all use cases.

It is a big deal to have good Asian input support.  Unfortunately, very
small resource is available on Debian.

If you are capable, please stand up to contribute with patch.

As for #858755, I am closing this bug since you are not using im-config.
If you use such a special unsupported user configuration, it's your
responsibility to get it to work.  This type of bug report "It doesn't
work in my system" with scant information really demotivates me.  積丹尼
Dan Jacobson, you are the repeated offender of this type of action and I
DON'T APPRECIATE IT.  I am a volunteer and please respect my precious
time.  (The  #857115 bug report is a good one as your bug report but
please check and give me proper build option to support your wish.  I
don't use such fancy trick.  ibus just works on my standard GNOME



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