[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#873486: fcitx can not be start after upgrade to Debian buster

王钢林 wglxy at china.com
Tue Aug 29 04:16:06 UTC 2017

Hello, everyone.

I find a very strange thing about  the Debian buster including the 
fcitx. If the computer is turn on and the system start up, many unusual 
thing will happen. Such as the fcitx can not be used, the splash window 
is not showed at the center of screen, and so on. But if I restart the 
computer (not turn off and turn on), everything are OK!

It is so strange! So I think it is a bug of Debian buster. But I do not 
known which package should be debug, so I don't known how to report this 
bug. :(

Best regards


在 2017年08月28日 18:32, Shengjing Zhu 写道:
> Control: tags -1 moreinfo
> Please run fcitx-diagnose and paste the result here.
> Thanks
> On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 5:51 PM, gulfstream <wglxy at china.com> wrote:
>> Package: fcitx
>> Version: 1:
>> Severity: grave
>> Hi!
>> I upgraded my Debian to buster yesterday. Then the fcitx can not be used now. When I run it, the messages are get as blew:
>> wgl at athena:~$ fcitx
>> wgl at athena:~$ (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-autoeng.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-chttrans.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-clipboard.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-fullwidth-char.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-imselector.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-keyboard.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-punc.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-quickphrase.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-remote-module.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-spell.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-unicode.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-dbus.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-freedesktop-notify.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-ipc.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-googlepinyin.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-kimpanel-ui.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-lua.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-vk.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-x11.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-xim.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-xkb.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-xkbdbus.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-pinyin-enhance.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-pinyin.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-sunpinyin.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-table.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-classic-ui.conf
>> (INFO-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Load Addon Config File:fcitx-notificationitem.conf
>> (ERROR-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- fcitx-keyboard-cm-mmuock already exists
>> (WARN-6096 /build/fcitx-SJV5lg/fcitx- Please set XMODIFIERS.
>> The fcitx works fine when the Debian is stretch before I upgrade to buster.
>> Could you resolve this problem? Thank you very much!
>> Best regards,
>> Gulfstream
>> -- System Information:
>> Debian Release: buster/sid
>>    APT prefers testing
>>    APT policy: (500, 'testing')
>> Architecture: amd64 (x86_64)
>> Kernel: Linux 4.12.0-1-amd64 (SMP w/4 CPU cores)
>> Locale: LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=zh_CN.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8), LANGUAGE=zh_CN.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
>> Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash
>> Init: systemd (via /run/systemd/system)
>> Versions of packages fcitx depends on:
>> ii  fcitx-bin      1:
>> ii  fcitx-data     1:
>> ii  fcitx-modules  1:
>> Versions of packages fcitx recommends:
>> ii  fcitx-config-gtk       0.4.8-3+b1
>> ii  fcitx-frontend-all     1:
>> ii  fcitx-ui-classic       1:
>> ii  im-config [im-switch]  0.30-1
>> Versions of packages fcitx suggests:
>> pn  fcitx-m17n   <none>
>> pn  fcitx-tools  <none>
>> -- no debconf information
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