[Pkg-ime-devel] Bug#862717: Bug#862717: ibus-daemon often crashes on suspend/resume

Ralf Jung post at ralfj.de
Fri May 19 08:10:20 UTC 2017


>> What is mozc?
> It's another IM method used for ibus/uim/fcitx... for Japanese.

I see.

> Your comment in another mail that patching kde fixed some of the problem
> is interesting.
> For missing panel, did you install libqt5gui5
> i A  --\ libqt5gui5                                5.7.1+dfsg-3+b 5.7.1+dfsg-3+b
>   Description: Qt 5 GUI module
>     Qt is a cross-platform C++ application framework. Qt's primary feature is
>     its rich set of widgets that provide standard GUI functionality.
>     The QtGui module extends QtCore with GUI functionality.
> Since it is a part of recommends, it is not installed by default.

KDE depends on libqt5gui5, so yes, I do have that installed.

Any chance you could point me to where in
/etc/X11/Xsession.d/70im-config_launch or /usr/bin/im-launch starting
the daemon and the panel are supposed to happen?
  When I start ibus-daemon in a running session, that starts the panel
correctly.  Maybe the auto-started daemon works differently, or maybe
the problem is simply that the daemon launches so early that Plasma
doesn't run yet, so there is no systray that the panel could register
with, and then it just gives up.

Kind regards,

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