[Pkg-ime-devel] How to define pkg-ime team members? (Was: GITLAB migration plan)

Boyuan Yang 073plan at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 03:20:27 UTC 2018

Hello all,

(Sorry for some late reply; I didn't subscribe to pkg-ime-devel alioth 
maillist before)

I noticed that we are choosing the plan No.3:

 - Keep a mailing list on lists.debian.org
 - Move git packaging repositories in Salsa under Debian/ namespace

The plan is fine except one problem: how can we define "IME Packaging Team 
Member" after the decommission of Alioth? With no dedicated group on Salsa, we 
won't be able to know who is in the team and who's not.

When encountering sponsorship around IME-related packages, if a random 
packager comes about looking for sponsorship and declares it a "Team Upload,", 
how can the sponsoring DD determine whether this statement is true?

Besides, external contributors will face difficulty trying to join the team 
since all they could find around IME in Debian will be a mailing list. All 
package packaging are mixed inside under the huge Debian/ namespace thus 
difficult to dig out. The DDPO page will be the only entry for them. That's 
not a good sign.

My temporary thought is that at least we need a mechanism to provide team 
member list. Maybe a placeholder team on Salsa, I don't know.

Boyuan Yang
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