[PKG-IRC-Maintainers] Bug#506862: Still having problems with version 1.1.22+dfsg-1

Albin Stjerna albin at luftslott.org
Thu Dec 4 00:56:12 UTC 2008

I built the new version suggested, but inspircd still dies, printing the message " Usage: /usr/sbin/inspircd [--nofork] [--nolog] [--debug] [--logfile <filename>] [--runasroot] [--version] [--config <config>]" , seemingly regardless of input configuration file if tailing >/dev/null is removed from init script, and dies silently otherwise (obviously, since that output is printed to /dev/null). This applies to obviously invalid configuration files, my own supposedly-valid one and the example file here: http://www.inspircd.org/wiki/Annotated_Configuration. The same applies to the binary inspircd, seemingly regardless of command line parameters. Could I have miscompiled the package somehow? Note that I am getting these problems when compiling inspircd from svn- or stable unaltered source packages also, but the developers don't seem to have heard of the problem before, so I figured it might be debian-related somehow. If it's any help, I'm having the exact same problem on amd64.

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