[Pkg-iscsi-maintainers] [SCM] Debian Open-iSCSI Packaging annotated tag, 2.0-870, created. 2.0-870

Mike Christie mchristi at redhat.com
Fri Jun 11 08:11:33 UTC 2010

The annotated tag, 2.0-870 has been created
        at  5e835ab60997d0bd2b3545d283082c0e717af4e1 (tag)
   tagging  01123e0a5c97d9e5b6caf41dce97d4a778d19595 (commit)
  replaces  2.0-868-rc1
 tagged by  Mike Christie
        on  Tue Nov 4 19:22:20 2008 -0600

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
2.0-870 final

Doron Shoham (4):
      fixed printing debug information
      check if iscsid is running
      fix white spaces and blank lines removal
      log.c: add error messages when allocation shared memory

Erez Zilber (2):
      Minor fixes in iscsi_discovery documentation
      rm unused variable in fw_entry.c

Hannes Reinecke (5):
      Use correct debug option '-d' for iscsiadm
      Clean up error codes for iscsid
      Fixup IPC leak in iscsid
      Update SUSE init scripts
      Add SLES10 SP2 compat

Hans de Goede (1):
      PATCH: add error checking to iscsi discovery db lock creation

Mike Christie (82):
      Add some info about the scsi command timer in the README
      print iface record info
      fix printing of session info when sid is passed in.
      sync up README and iscsi.conf comments about node.startup
      Use CHAP info from sysfs when restarting iscsid.
      Fix handling of data ending on segment boundaries
      Sync up with 2.6.25
      update 2.6.20-21_compat.patch
      Add 2.6.24 compat support
      2.6.14-19 compat fix ups
      fix printing of ipv4 address in session mode
      use scsi host dir define
      Fixup debian info
      fix mkfs regression test
      Bump version to 2.0-869
      Fix session mode -r operations when non tcp module is used
      allow discovery to overwrite records if a session is using it
      fix handling of fatal login errors
      convert iscsi_discovery to use iface settings
      Do not logout session if the record is going to be deleted.
      test pattern netdev instead of iface netdev when matching ifaces
      Add additional flags to iscsi_discovery
      disable iscsi_discovery qla4xxx support
      change mgmt_ipc to logout by sid
      iscsi class/if kernel: add ifacename attr
      add ifacename support tools
      rm db param
      rm num_transports from sysfs header.
      Add bind by initiatorname
      break up iface code and add default iser, tcp/default and bnx2i ifaces
      Use startup definition in util.c.
      set header digests to off by default
      fix compile warning for missing iface.h
      User 64 bit params mask.
      Do not allow iface setting to be changed in node mode.
      Fix bad merge. User iscsi param masks instead of params.
      Support mutlple ifaces with the same binding (lack of binding).
      Release transport entry when the transport is unloaded
      Fix ep_disconnect handling of invalid ep
      libiscsi: Fix nop timeout handling
      libiscsi: fix recv tmo
      Revert Release-transport-entry-when-the-transport-is-unload.patch
      pass ep to session creation
      Fix iser create bound session compat
      fix compilation on Fedora 9
      Fix sysfs handling of block:sdX and scsi bus changes
      Only autobind to ifaces with transport = tcp
      Increase login retry for iscsistart.
      Sync kernel modules to scsi-misc for 2.6.27.
      Update 2.6.14 - 2.6.19 compat patch
      Update 2.6.20 - 2.6.24 patch
      Update 2.6.24 - 2.6.25 patch
      iscsid: don't print enosys errors.
      libiscsi: support older tools that did not set can_queue/cmds_max
      Fix transport_name compat support.
      Fix idbm iscsid segfault when accsing ifaces
      Fix discovery and autobinding
      fix ipv6 login redirect support.
      Fix login redirect failure handling.
      remove sysfs_file
      fix dynamic tpgt support.
      Bump version for new release.
      Add compat patch for RHEL 5.2
      iscsid: adjust requested settings for user
      Sync kernel modules with 2.6.27
      Add 2.6.26 compat support
      Add Makefile support for 2.6.26 compat patch
      Add .gitignore files
      Revert broken SLES 10 compat patch.
      iscsi conf: increase default login max
      iscsi conf: partially revert increase default login max change
      modify initial login retry max
      libiscsi: fix data corruption when target has to resend data-in packets
      iscsi class: fix endpoint id handling
      iscsi_tcp: return a descriptive error value during connection errors
      libiscsi: fix locking in iscsi_eh_device_reset
      update 2.6.14-19_compat.patch
      update 2.6.20-21_compat.patch
      update 2.6.24_compat.patch
      Fix initiator.c compile warning
      Update Changelog for new release.


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