[Pkg-iscsi-maintainers] [SCM] Debian Open-iSCSI Packaging annotated tag, 2.0-872-rc1, created. 2.0-872-rc1

Mike Christie michaelc at cs.wisc.edu
Fri Jun 11 08:11:41 UTC 2010

The annotated tag, 2.0-872-rc1 has been created
        at  c46de9c0071b1e07406871980b0d6948be8d8d4a (tag)
   tagging  403ae9184b3a0088ac1257656924bc5209e03947 (commit)
  replaces  2.0-871
 tagged by  Mike Christie
        on  Wed Mar 24 02:51:29 2010 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------

Avi Kaplan (2):
      Remove unused field iscsi_conn from struct iscsi_sw_tcp_conn
      Change restore_callbacks argument iscsi_sw_tcp_conn to iscsi_conn

Erez Zilber (1):
      Fix 2.6.14-23_compat.patch to support all RHEL 5.X versions

Hannes Reinecke (2):
      Allow update of discovery records.
      Update 2.6.27_compat.patch for SLES 11

Mike Christie (59):
      Don't kill iscsid if logout from all nodes fail
      iscsid: fix ISCSI_ERR_INVALID_HOST err handling
      iscsid: add flag to indicate if driver needs iscsid to set ip
      iscsid: add be2iscsi template
      iscsid be2iscsi: add more driver limits
      iscsid: start iscsid automatically when needed
      iscsid: fix segfault during session sync up
      iscsiadm: fix discovery record use
      iscsi mod: sync to linux-2.6-iscsi tree's 2.6.33 feature window patches
      iscsid: handle new replacement_timeout values
      iscsi tools: support tgt reset timeout
      iscsi-iname: fix misleading help description
      iscsid: fix iferror log message
      iscsi mod: Update 2.6.14-23_compat.patch patch
      iscsiadm: fix login/logout message
      do not use a semarg in shared-mem for semop calls
      Fix wrong logs in log.c
      update 2.6.26 compat patch
      iscsi tools: Allow empty username for CHAP
      iscsi ibft/boot: fix net dev loopup
      iscsistart option to bring up NICs using configuration in iBFT.
      ibft boot: mv setup nics to fw_entry.c so iscsiadm can use it
      iscsistart ibft: fix fwparam network cmd
      iscsid be2iscsi: don't set set_host_ip
      iscsi tools: merge functions to get net iface name from mac address
      ibft boot: do not setup nic if offload can be used
      iscsistart ibft boot: setup iscsi offload during boot
      ibft boot: remove be2iscsi
      iscsi tools: idbm/fw function cleanup
      iscsi tool: trivial fixes
      ibft boot: add offload ibft support to iscsiadm
      iscsiadm: only do auto iface setup when iface mode is run
      ibft boot: add iscsiadm offload ibft rec support
      doc: add iscsistart man page
      doc: add iscsi-iname man page
      ibft boot: fix dev to iface matching
      offload boot: turn off
      iscsi tools: nic setup cleanup
      iscsi tools: fix compile errors
      iscsi kern: fix 2.6.27 compat patch
      iscsiadm: add nonpersistent mode to discovery mode
      iscsi tool: mv idbm_node_setup_defaults to idbm.c
      iscsi tools: cleanup get_global_string_param use
      iscsi tools: make config file parser a little smarter.
      iscsiadm: mv session management functions to new file
      st discovery: fix reopen max handling
      iscsid: have iscsid watch for new portals using sendtargets
      iscsi tools: mv iscsid request helpers to its own file
      iscsi tools: add str prefix to strings.c functions
      iscsi tools: use open-isns services
      iscsi tools: add MaxXmitDataSegmentLength param
      iscsi tools: do not exit on mem alloc failures during discovery
      Fix makefile cleanup
      iscsid: add isns discovery daemon and SCN support
      iscsid: support discovery daemon auto logout
      isns: fix compilation
      iscsi tools: fix null sysfs string handling
      iscsi tools: fix compilation on s390
      Update version number to 872

Ritesh Raj Sarraf (2):
      fix some spelling errors reported by lintian
      minor manpage updates

Wulf C. Krueger (1):
      Use DESTDIR when generating an InitiatorName.


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