[Pkg-iscsi-maintainers] open-iscsi-2.0-872

Ritesh Raj Sarraf rrs at debian.org
Wed Aug 10 07:02:30 UTC 2011

On 08/10/2011 12:13 PM, William Dauchy wrote:
> Since more than 11 months the open-iscsi-2.0-872 is out but it wasn't
> available on the official website http://www.open-iscsi.org/.
> The problem is now fixed:
> http://www.open-iscsi.org/bits/open-iscsi-2.0-872.tar.gz
> We perhaps can consider packaging it.
Yes, I had noticed the tag. Then, when I looked, there were many
problems. The 872 release introduces the iSNS support and it was not
building proper.
Now that Fedora is shipping, I hope they'd have fixed most of those
issues. I'll look into it soon.

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