[Pkg-iscsi-maintainers] [SCM] Debian Open-iSCSI Packaging branch, upstream-mnc, updated. 2.0-872-193-gde2c0e7

Ritesh Raj Sarraf rrs at researchut.com
Sat Apr 7 15:44:22 UTC 2012

The following commit has been merged in the upstream-mnc branch:
commit de2c0e7adf7e28637c3b80fa1f3ee1d21bbb7dbe
Merge: e1ab970c342cbb0f00cc9e7f85c09182bc007e1c 6676a1cf6f2d23961e9db70155b5d0e5ce511989
Author: Ritesh Raj Sarraf <rrs at researchut.com>
Date:   Sat Apr 7 11:55:41 2012 +0530

    Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/mikechristie/open-iscsi into upstream-mnc
    * 'master' of git://github.com/mikechristie/open-iscsi: (25 commits)
      iscsi tools: use strlpy in net code
      iscsi tools: remove useless NULL iface check
      iscsi tools: fix socket leak in transport probe
      iscsi tools: fix unknown param warnings
      iscsiadm: added command line option '--interval'
      iscsistart: fix invalid param handling
      iscsi tools: fix ipv6 handling
      iscsi tools: fix bnx2i login
      iscsi tools: have iscsi tools bring up offload net iface
      iscsiadm: make sure offload drivers are loaded in host mode
      iscsistart: fix iface overriding
      iscsiadm: load iface before checking for hostno/mac match
      iscsi tools: print and load boot transport
      iscsistart: have iscsistart use same multi param code as iscsiadm
      iscsi tools: check for loaded module before loading
      iscsiadm: print port speed and link state
      iscsid: remove DCB support
      iscsiadm: support multiple params in one call
      iscsi tools: remove unused len variable
      iscsi tools: remove class version check

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