[Pkg-iscsi-maintainers] Bug#801686: [INTL:es] Spanish translation of the debconf template open-iscsi

Christian Seiler christian at iwakd.de
Tue Oct 13 16:42:51 UTC 2015

Control: tags -1 + confirmed moreinfo

Hi there,
(cc'ing l10n-spanish)

First of all, thanks for your work on translating this!

Am 2015-10-13 15:43, schrieb Camaleón:
> Package: open-iscsi
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: patch l10n
> You can find enclosed the Spanish translation template to be uploaded
> with the latest package build.

My Spanish is not as good as it once was, but I think there's a 
error in the last message:

msgid ""
"If you really intend to downgrade, please follow the following 
procedure "
"instead: umount all iSCSI file systems, log out of all iSCSI sessions, 
back "
"up /etc/iscsi, purge open-iscsi, and reinstall the older version."
msgstr ""
"Si realmente desea instalar una versión anterior, siga el siguiente "
"procedimiento: desmonte todos los sistemas de archivos sobre iSCSI, 
cierre "
"todas las sesiones iSCSI, realice una copia de seguridad del archivo "
"«/etc/iscsi» y reinstale la versión más antigua."

If think that there's the translation for the recommendation to "purge
open-iscsi" missing, since "reinstale la versión más antigua" does not
convey that and is just a translation of the last part of the english
text (and could be interpreted as apt-get install --reinstall or 
Also note that without a prior purge of the new version, just removing
the new version and reinstalling the old version will still break the
system, so it is imperative that the purging of the newer version is
mentioned here.  (Also note that a purge will remove /etc/iscsi, so
the backup copy has to happen before.) Unfortunately, I have no idea
how to translate "to purge" in the context of Debian into Spanish, so
I have to leave that to you, hence the moreinfo tag.


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