[Pkg-iscsi-maintainers] open-iscsi -13 upload?

Ritesh Raj Sarraf rrs at debian.org
Sun Feb 7 11:43:01 UTC 2016

On Sun, 2016-02-07 at 12:17 +0100, Christian Seiler wrote:
> Hi Ritesh,
> so since we've now hopefully nailed the bug you've encountered,
> assuming that it's now really fixed, I would suggest that we maybe
> upload -13 to unstable. (IMPORTANT: please pull again from git before
> you do so, because I pushed something else as well!)

I was going to ask the same. :-)

Hopefully, today night or tomorrow, I'll pull all changes and
build/test a package locally, and then upload.

> Going through the list of open bugs in the bugtracker:
> Remaining open bugs (not fixed by current git)
> ----------------------------------------------
> #797112 [S| | ] [open-iscsi] open-iscsi: Prevent testing migration
> Good thing I kept that one open, because the large changes I made
> that
> we uploaded during DebConf did cause quite a few additional problems,
> for example also your bug. But since quite a few things have now been
> fixed in unstable, I'd probably close the bug after the -13 upload,
> because I think it has now gotten enough testing in unstable and I'd
> like to see the improvements in tessting. (Especially to check what
> happens with the installer.)
> #699240 [n| | ] [open-iscsi] open-iscsi: Broadcom Offload Engine is
> unusable because of missing iscsiuio daemon
> That's something I'd like to wait for a new upstream version for.
> (I'll prod Mike in the near future to ask about that.)
> #732587 [n| | ] [open-iscsi] debian expert install on iscsi-device
> I'll look into that before stretch, but the d-i does work for
> PXE-booted iSCSI for me, so this appears to be a weird setup.

I read your comment on the other bug report too, about iscsi being
available in the installed. I'm not worried about its readiness for
Stretch, but just curious if it is available.

So I'll go look into the latest Stretch installer iso soon. Nothing to
do with the -13 upload.

> Pending bugs
> ------------
> So there are quite a few pending bugs fixed in git that we should
> really get into unstable, especially your bug (which was quite nasty
> because it could lead to data loss) and also some others that pertain
> to policy-like things in the archive (state files /var, merged /usr
> support, etc.).
> #804591 [n|P| ] [open-iscsi] open-iscsi: iscsi_auto flag should use
> iscsistart --fwparam_network in addition to -b
> #810276 [n|+P| ] [open-iscsi] files with the same name installed in /
> and /usr
> #810696 [n|+P| ] [open-iscsi] Please move state files from /var/ to
> /run
> #810702 [n|+P| ] [open-iscsi] Generate initiator name on install, not
> first boot
> #804162 [w|P| ] [open-iscsi] open-iscsi: support iscsi root by format
> in RFC 4173 (root=iscsi:server:prot:...)
> #809320 [i|P|=] [open-iscsi] open-iscsi: no session termination on
> stop
> Misc fixes not in the bugtracker
> --------------------------------
> I've also done some other work in git that isn't in the bugtracker,
> because I didn't want to report every single detail. Here's an
> overview over the changes + some rationale:
> - d95ccde9e31f1cdad1aa3e34ca6a196bc23157e7: there was a bug when
> creating the initramfs image because of the move from /usr to /
> - 36be1d16f012903f25fc7d39b72afc4b5b12ccd9: some follow-up on
> Martin Pitt's solution for postinst iscsi-iname
> - f6246a8e47a57494aa89a560f9d32426ef42914d: use triggers to update
> the initramfs and don't call update-initramfs directly, because that
> will also work with dracut. Note that dracut support itself is still
> something we have to look at (there is some native support in dracut,
> but only via kernel parameters, I'm working on that), but this is the
> first step.
> - 3b3fa0026a69e16d37bea0a285b1f928d85a7947: this reecords the
> network device used to configure open-iscsi in the initramfs in
> /run/initramfs/open-iscsi.interface. Ubuntu already does this (they
> also hook into ifupdown to not touch that interface, but I don't
> quite
> grasp the consequences of that change yet, so I've only added the
> harmless part so far to reduce the diff to Ubuntu)
> - df7259e8aaa3c3bbca9734f633185dcc7f6b3bf3: fix reproducible build
> failure on armhf, see [1] (well, at least I hope it fixes that, I
> don't
> have a reproducible build setup here myself, and I don't really have
> any armhf hardware)
> In conclusion: I think it's time to upload -13 to unstable, unless
> you want to do some additional testing or have some other issues
> that I don't know about yet.

Yes. I'll do the upload soon in this coming week.

Ritesh Raj Sarraf | http://people.debian.org/~rrs
Debian - The Universal Operating System
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