[Pkg-iscsi-maintainers] Bug#777084: open-iscsi-udeb: please build the udeb on x32

Adam Borowski kilobyte at angband.pl
Sun Oct 2 22:29:17 UTC 2016

On Sun, Oct 02, 2016 at 12:46:36PM +0200, Christian Seiler wrote:
> since it's been 10 months and I haven't heard back, I'd like to gently
> ping you on this?

Alas, nothing has moved since then.

Taking the kernel to install from a different architecture is tricky but
doable -- unlike, say, i386-vs-amd64 it's not enough to just "dpkg
--add-architecture" as amd64 and x32 live on different mirrors (main archive
vs -ports).  But this can be kludged around.

On the other hand, taking udebs from a different architecture is a complete
show stopper.  Despite talks, d-i doesn't have any multiarch support
whatsoever -- and we'd need multiarch for every udeb that touches the
kernel.  Thus, either the decision to build at least native kernel udebs
would need to be revisited or d-i would need extensive changes.

Thus, it doesn't look like we'll see x32 support in d-i merged anytime soon.

There's also little point in standalone x32 systems, as memory savings are
not worth the effort when there's only one system per machine.  x32 is great
when you have many containers, it also gives modest gains for number
crunching, but is totally pointless for a GUI/etc.  Thus, d-i is worth having
only for xen/kvm, and no one has really stepped up to do that work.

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