[Pkg-iscsi-maintainers] Bug#858746: open-isns: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages

Christian Seiler christian at iwakd.de
Sun Mar 26 13:31:18 UTC 2017

Control: tags -1 + confirmed


On 03/25/2017 11:18 PM, TRADUZ - DebianPT wrote:
> Updated Portuguese translation for open-isns's debconf messages.
> Translator: Rui Branco <ruipb_at_debianpt.org>
> Feel free to use it.

Many thanks for the translation. As far as I understand it, the
Stretch freeze policy does allow for translation updates, so I'll
try to get this into Stretch.

However, I'll wait a while before applying this, in case another
serious or important bug is reported in the open-isns package
that also needs fixing, so I don't have to request an unblock
from the release team twice. In case no other bug is reported in
the next two weeks, I'll upload just the translation.


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