next upload (was: Re: bug 219448)

Rafael Laboissiere Rafael Laboissiere <>
Wed, 15 Jun 2005 11:47:43 +0200

* Alastair McKinstry <> [2005-06-14 19:32]:

> I plan to upload slang2 to unstable as soon as possible. Are there any
> plans to update the scripts in jed, etc to use slang2?

I will be quite busy until the Sommer.  I hope that someone from the DJG
will step forward.

> Note that I will upload slang2 as a new package, with package names
> libslang2, libslang2-dev, libslang2-pic, slsh and libslang2-udeb (for
> d-i). Hence this will be in parallel with slang1 (which will no longer
> be actively maintained); Debian packages can transition from slang1 ->
> slang2 without breakage.
> Are there any objections / good reasons not to do this?

>From my point of view, no objections.