XJed is a superset of jed

G. Milde g.milde@web.de
Thu, 23 Jun 2005 09:59:51 +0200

On 22.06.05, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> From: davis@space.mit.edu ("John E. Davis")

> > xjed = jed + Xlib-specific code.  The Xlib-specific code is used only
> > when the DISPLAY variable is set.  In fact, if you have built and
> > installed Xjed, then the jed executable can probably be replaced by a
> > shell script:
> >    #!/bin/sh
> >    unset DISPLAY
> >    exec /usr/bin/xjed $*

> should we react on this? 

>Should we make xjed a replacement of jed? 

I am not sure,

 * jed is still a bit smaller than xjed (although the difference of
   226264 - 187704 bytes might be negligible), but

 * installing less packages is nice. 
so we could possibly give the users/administrators a choice.

(We could even consider abadoning the jed/xjed separation and provide
just one "jed" package with xjed and the wrapper script.)

> Should we add a comment to the description of the xjed package?

We should definitely add a comment and we should IMHO also provide the
abovementioned shell script with the "xjed" package. 

I am not sure about a nice mechanism to install the script automatically
in the PATH but let the "jed" package replace it with the jed binary.

 * install the jed shell script in /usr/bin/X11 (so the /usr/bin/jed
   binary takes precedence)


 * let xjed and jed conflict and let xjed provide the shell script as

> > I have not tested this though.

For a test, I saved this as /usr/local/bin/jed and now jed on an xterm
will call xjed (as checked by ps) but behave as Jed:

   message("You run "+
   #ifdef XWINDOWS
says "You run Jed" and
   if (is_defined("x_insert_selection"))
     message("x_insert_selection is defined");
     message("x_insert_selection is not defined");

says "x_insert_selection is not defined".


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