XJed is a superset of jed

G. Milde g.milde@web.de
Thu, 23 Jun 2005 11:48:07 +0200

On 23.06.05, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> * G. Milde <g.milde@web.de> [2005-06-23 09:59]:
> > >Should we make xjed a replacement of jed? 

> One possibility would be to use the alternatives mechanism.  
> This is the "Debian way of doing things".

So let us do it this way. (I hope someone more proficient in Debian ways
will do it, as I am too ignorant and busy myself.)

> 	  /usr/bin/jed.wrapper

Looking at what I have in /etc/alternatives/, I'd recommend 
- 	  /usr/bin/jed.wrapper
+	  /usr/bin/jed.xjed

so it tells, what exactly is wrapped...

Also, I wonder if we could add /usr/bin/xjed to the alternatives for
`editor'. As it falls back to jed if X is not running, this would be save


G.Milde web.de