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Jörg Sommer
Tue, 3 May 2005 17:19:07 +0200

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Rafael Laboissiere schrieb am Mon 02. May, 23:02 (+0200) :
> * J=F6rg Sommer <> [2005-05-02 09:47]:
> > jed --help shows a command jed-script and the Makefile in jed source
> > create it as symbolic link on jed. Is there a reason, why we not create
> > it?
> I think we should.

But this makes jed-common architecture dependent. :(

> > What is getmail? Should we install it with jed?
> According to the documentation at the top of src/getmail.c it is intended
> at "Moving mail from a maildir.  Written in C to avoid a race condition."
> This program is called from lib/  If getmail is not installed,
> then will fail.  To answer your question, I think you should
> install this program.  However there will be two issues:
> 1) We should not install it in /usr/bin, because there is already another
>    package (called getmail) that has /usr/bin/getmail.

We must install it in /usr/share/jed/bin (this is a FHS violation),

$ grep -n getmail
504:   variable getmail =3D dircat(Jed_Bin_Dir, "getmail");

it is searched in Jed_Bin_Dir,

519:   if (file_status(getmail) !=3D 1)
521:    error (getmail + " not found!");
524:   cmd =3D sprintf("%s %s %s", getmail, file, tmp_mbox);
527:     error ("getmail returned error.");
$ grep Jed_Bin_Dir *   variable getmail =3D dircat(Jed_Bin_Dir, "getmail");     h =3D dircat (Jed_Bin_Dir, "w32/g32shell.exe");     h =3D dircat (Jed_Bin_Dir, "w32/w32shell.exe"); Jed_Bin_Dir; =3D JED_ROOT + "[bin]"; =3D dircat (JED_ROOT, "bin");

which is set to JED_ROOT/bin in

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