G. Milde g.milde@web.de
Mon, 30 May 2005 10:40:23 +0200

Dear Rafael,

browsing the pkg-jed SVN files, I came across the 50_emacs-bindings patch
and wondered whether we could do without it for 2 reasons:

* jed loads emacs emulation by default anyway, via the configurable

     public variable _Jed_Default_Emulation = "emacs";

  in site.sl

* it changes JED_ROOT/lib/jed.rc, that should not be evaluated. (As we do
  our configuration in jed.conf and jed-init.d.)


Feature request: Set the _Jed_Default_Emulation in jed.conf with debconf

Not all jed users prefer emacs, offering a choice right from the start
makes it clear that jed is more than just an emacs clone.

   Jed Default Emulation

   Choose the keybinding scheme that jed should use by default
   (users can override this in their .jedrc file)

   [x]  emacs        % Emacs-like bindings
   [ ]  cua          % CUA bindings (KDE/Gnome like)
   [ ]  edt          % EDT emulation
   [ ]  ide          % Borland IDE emulation
   [ ]  native jed   % Native JED bindings

With jed-extra installed, there are also

   [ ]  brief        % Brief keybindings
   [ ]  vi           % VI emulation


G.Milde web.de