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Tue, 31 May 2005 12:34:17 +0200

On 31.05.05, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> * Jörg Sommer <joerg@alea.gnuu.de> [2005-05-30 14:17]:
> > G. Milde schrieb am Mon 30. May, 10:40 (+0200):

> > > offering a choice right from the start makes it clear that jed is more
> > > than just an emacs clone.

> > Good idea, but I've never use debconf, so I need some time to get
> > familar with it.
> I also agree that this could be a good idea, although this is more a
> user-specific than a site-wide configuration issue.  

IMHO, it is both. Of course the user can override the site-wide setting,
but as administrator at home I would like to offer my wife and children
jed without bothering them with emacs bindings. Or take for example a
class of students in a lab (assuming them to be normally windows users).
Switching them to jed will be easier with a cua emulation, so this should
be the site-wide default.

> We could also provide a simple text-based program that allows users to
> choose the keybinding scheme with a menu like the above.  This program
> would change the contents of a user-specific file (e.g.
> ~/.jed-keybinding), which would be read by one of system initialization
> files (probably the one which sets _Jed_Default_Emulation).  What do
> you think?

A "personal jed setup wizard"? Such a program (or jed-mode) would be a
nice thing to set up ~/.jedrc (no need for one more startup file).

There was a discussion about such a thing on the jed-users list some
years ago. Maybe someone even has a project on this.

> At any rate, before getting too carried on about the idea of using
> debconf, it would be a good idea to ask the opinion of others in the
> debian-devel mailing list. The developers-reference manual tells us to
> not abuse debconf (see
> file:///usr/share/doc/developers-reference/ch-best-pkging-practices.en-us.iso-8859-1.html#s6.5.1)

So, IMHO the easy solution is to set _Jed_Default_Emulation explicitely
in jed.conf, together with some explanatory comment. Administrators
looking for site-wide configuration of jed will hopefully (or hinted by
e.g. /usr/share/doc/jed-common/README.Debian) find /etc/jed.conf and be
gratefull for the list of supported values.

This gives a tradeoff off my original intention (give choice, make clear
that jed is more than just an emacs clone), ease of implementing, and
cautious use of debconf.

Please do not implement this in /etc/jed-init.d/00debian.sl as this is
clearly not a "real" configuration file.



--- /home/milde/.jed/jed-debian/SVN/pkg-jed/tags/packages/jed/0.99.16.pre.	2005-05-20 11:55:58.000000000 +0200
+++ /home/milde/.jed/jed-debian/SVN/pkg-jed/tags/packages/jed/0.99.16.pre.	2005-05-31 12:20:58.000000000 +0200
@@ -11,3 +11,15 @@
 	() = evalfile (path_concat ("/etc/jed-init.d", $1));   
+% Keybinding scheme that jed should use by default
+% (users can override this in their .jedrc file)
+% Supported values are
+%   emacs  % Emacs-like bindings
+%   cua    % CUA bindings (KDE/Gnome like)
+%   edt    % EDT emulation
+%   ide    % Borland IDE emulation
+%   jed    % Native JED bindings
+% With jed-extra installed, there are also
+%   brief  % Brief keybindings
+%   vi     % VI emulation         
+_Jed_Default_Emulation = emacs     % Emacs-like bindings

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