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Fri Nov 4 15:02:06 UTC 2005

(new) slang-gtk_0.5.15.r3-1_i386.deb optional interpreters
binds the GIMP Toolkit (GTK) to the S-Lang scripting language
 The SLgtk package binds the GIMP Toolkit, also known as Gtk, to the
 S-Lang scripting language. It was created with the SLIRP code
 generator, and provides an importable module which makes most of Gtk
 and its constituent libraries callable directly from S-Lang scripts.
 With SLgtk the S-Lang programmer now has access to a powerful,
 cross-platform widget set for creating sophisticated graphical user
 interfaces (GUIs).
(new) slgtk_0.5.15.r3-1.diff.gz optional interpreters
(new) slgtk_0.5.15.r3-1.dsc optional interpreters
(new) slgtk_0.5.15.r3.orig.tar.gz optional interpreters
Changes: slgtk (0.5.15.r3-1) unstable; urgency=low
   +++ Changes by Rafael Laboissiere
  * First official Debian release (closes: #337256)
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Closing bugs: 337256 

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