Maintainership of the S-Lang modules

G. Milde g.milde at
Tue Nov 8 10:03:32 UTC 2005

On  8.11.05, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> Guenter asked me privately whether I could create a separate mailing list
> for the slang-modules-related posts (from debian-installer, ftp-master,
> etc).  He rightly arguments that this Alioth group is mainly for jed
> maintainership and we are getting too much noise in pkg-jed-devel about
> the S-Lang modules.
> There are three ways to cope with this problem, all involving the change
> of the maintainer. 

> First, we could create a new mailing list for the
> slang modules and start using:
>   Maintainer: Debian JED Group <pkg-jed-slang-modules at>
> (or whichever name we choose for the ML).

I think this is the simplest and fastest one. (Would it be ok with Debian to
have one "Debian JED Group" with two mail addies?)

My suggestion for the list name would be:

- Maintainer: Debian JED Group <pkg-jed-slang-modules at>
+ Maintainer: Debian JED Group <pkg-slang-modules at>

as the slang modules can be used outside jed as well.

> Second, we could create a new group at Alioth specifically for the S-Lang
> modules.  I dislike this solution because it takes time to set up and
> administer projects at Alioth.  If someone is willing to do it, I will
> follow her.

Too much hassle, IMHO
> The third solution is to transfer the maintainership from the DJG to
> individuals.  In this case, I am afraid it has to be me.  If you guys
> really wish this solution, then I will comply to it, although it is not
> my preferable solution.

If there is noone except you working on the modules, this is an option as
well. However, I have not problem with our Alioth group being used for
slang-modules maintaining (be it by you alone or someone joining).

Thanks for your work on Debian JED.



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