jed-extra: sorting of files into library dirs

G. Milde g.milde at
Tue Nov 8 10:50:09 UTC 2005

On 13.10.05, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> G. Milde schrieb am Wed 12. Oct, 15:59 (+0200):

> > Where should the modes go?
> > 
> /usr/lib/ is wrong. It must /usr/share, because we have architecture
> independent data. -> FHS
> >   (Alternatives: /usr/share/jed/site-lib/, /usr/share/jed/jed-extra-lib/)
> I would prefer the last one.

I'd like to keep it short, e.g.
   /usr/share/jed/jed-extra/   % as jed only contains SLang code, this
                               % should be sufficiently clear
   /usr/share/lib/jed-extra/   % however, this is not a library in the common
                               % sense (i.e. no shared library to link to)

> >   Drop-ins should therefore go to a separate dir, say ::

> >   added to the library path in

> >   * The default behaviour would be to use the drop-ins if jed-extra
> >     is installed
> >   * A sysadmin can easily comment out the activation of drop-ins
> >   * A user can remove the drop-in/ dir from the library path in jed.rc
> >     (a function remove_libdir() in could assist)  
> >   * Fine-grained activation of drop-ins is possible by copying or symlinking
> >     of individual modes to a users (or local) libdir.

This is what the current does. It is a commented config file
so that the sysadmin can change the package defaults. Further documentation
should be added once the dust settles a bit.

> > > > I could provide a slang script that does this based on a list of
> > > > modes (now in README.Maintainer). Alternatively, this sorting
> > > > could be done in the rules file. 

> Would you modify the build-orig.tar_gz? 

I would not do the sorting in the orig.tar.gz, as in this case it
would no longer be *orig*. Instead the sort should happen during
the build of jed-extra initiated from the rules file. 

Two alternative sorting schemes come to my mind

 1.  call from rules at build to sort into a tmp dir
 2. call a modified together with build-orig.tar_gz
    at download time and let it create a 
    list. rules would then call dh_install to do the real sorting.
IMO, this second method is more transparent as we ship an explicit list
of files and their placement. 

Also, it allows the hand-tuning of jed-extra.install.

> Maybe you can check if all modes
> provides a licence note and we can remove the licence stuff from
> build-orig.tar_gz. 



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