Automatic update of debian/changelog trailer line

Günter Milde g.milde at
Mon Nov 21 10:38:07 UTC 2005

On 18.11.05, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> Please, consider the patch below to have working
> without human intervation.

Feel free to apply the patch.

However, I would instead propose a change to the DJG Guidelines

  When committing changes that do not result in a Debian release, keep
  debian/changelog in a clearly broken state, such that the other developers
  will know that the version is not yet released.  
Would it be sufficient to have the   

I'd like to scrap this rule:

  Note the absence of signature and release date.  dpkg-buildpackage will
  refuse to build a package

Currently, I have to delete the release date before every commit of
changelog to keep to this rule and reinsert it for every test-build.



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