progress of jed-extra

Morten Bo Johansen mojo at
Sun Nov 27 13:55:56 UTC 2005

Paul Boekholt <p.boekholt at> wrote:

> > If we want to include the po mode ( and Joergs latex mode, the 
> > get-orig-sources rule in the rules must be adapted to download and
> > integrate them.

> Do the upstream authors want these included?  At least po-mode seems
> rather specialized to me.

It would be nice it were packaged at some point, but the jed-extra
package is maybe better suited for general purpose utilities. Either
way, I should be glad if it were packaged.

> Apropos po_mode: in the script I see
> % Set the revision date. It should insert time strings in the format of
> % e.g. "2004-06-28 20:11-0400" where the last part is the users time zone. 
> % The use of the date command to get the time zone is perhaps a little
> % ugly, but I cannot figure out how to get the right time zone at all times
> % across all time zones with S-Lang's built-in time functions. Maybe you can
> % help?
> Morten, have you tried to use strftime("%Y-%m-%d %R%z") ?  Maybe this could
> also be used for the Debian changelog trailer lines.

You just sent me flying to the documentation, and I see that this
function has just been added to slang 2.0.5, so I'll keep it in mind for



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