slgdbm package [was: Re: jedstate]

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at
Wed Sep 21 06:43:08 UTC 2005

* Paul Boekholt <p.boekholt at> [2005-09-21 00:03]:

> gdbm.c is correct, but it will be 1.6 soon.

Okay.  Do not forget to update the html documentation.

> This is OK except for the misspelling of slsh, and as you probably
> know, slrn can also load modules, and JED 0.99-16 can not.

It reads now:

    Description: access to gdbm databases from S-Lang
     This package contains a S-Lang module which provides access to gdbm
     databases.  The user interface has an assoc-like syntax and this
     module can be used in slsh (the S-Lang shell), in the JED
     editor (version >= 0.99-17), and in the news reader slrn.

You might also include the HTML document into the tarball.  This would
simplify the packaging work.  For now, I have to download the tarball,
unpack it, add the html file and regenerate the tarball.

Another question: I would like this package maintained by the DJG.  Does
anyone disagree? 


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