[Pkg-jed-commit] r64 - trunk/packages/jed/debian/init.d

G. Milde g.milde at web.de
Thu Sep 22 10:32:16 UTC 2005

On 21.09.05, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> Guenter Milde schrieb am Tue 20. Sep, 14:44 (+0000):
> > Modified: trunk/packages/jed/debian/init.d/05jed-common.sl
> > ===================================================================

> > -public define register_libdir(lib)
> OK. This might solve our problems and the longer I think about it the
> better I find this idea. Maybe it's really the best idea to move this
> decision to users or admins side.

At this point, I remove not a "decision", but a function definition that IMO
doesnot belong into a configuration file.

> But why did you drop all the home stuff?

Actually, I dropped all library registrations (as this is where we
disagreed about "the right way"), but not the "redirection" of the
> > +% If a subdir .jed/ exists, point Jed_Home_Directory there, 
> > +% so .jedrc and .jedrecent are not spoiling the $HOME dir

Obviously, we cannot change the location of .jedrc in .jedrc, so this is
why I left it here.

> If we do not support registering of libdirs anymore, do we need
> /etc/jed.d/? IMO we can go back to /etc/jed.conf, put all the stuff from
> 05jed-common.sl there and remove /etc/jed.d/.

No, jed.d is here for other Debian packages to put their installation
stuff in. Package foo-language might add

   % 25foo-language.sl
   % adding autoload for foo_mode() the mode to edit foo files
   autoload("foo_mode", "/the/full/path/to/foo.sl");
   Jed_Highlight_Cache_Path = /path/to/the/dir/with/the/dfa 
                              + "," + Jed_Highlight_Cache_Path;


BTW: If we ship the new version of register_libdir.sl (was
home-lib.sl) with jed-common and agree at


as part of the Debian-specific setup in in 05jed-common.sl,
"25foo-laguage.sl" could be made simpler

   autoload("foo_mode", "foo");

and foo.dfa would be found without additional effort. 

With make_ini.sl it would even work without adding a file to jed.d (this
is my privately preferred scheme (but might be inappropriate for


G.Milde web.de

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