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Jörg Sommer joerg at
Thu Sep 22 17:27:47 UTC 2005

Hello Rafael,

Rafael Laboissiere schrieb am Thu 22. Sep, 10:49 (+0200):
> * Jörg Sommer <joerg at> [2005-09-21 18:54]:
> > The package build at me correctly, it is installable and it works. So I
> > would say, we can upload it to experimental.
> I discovered a serious showstopper.  After installing the package, I get:
>     $ /usr/share/jed/compile/jed-common install
> not found.

Oh, I disabled preparse long time ago. BTW: We should talk about, if we
need it, because Günther has said jed takes care of modified slang files.

There must have been a change in the past. Now the slang path (SLpath_*)
is used to find the file. We must call the script with an absolut path.

> As a consequence, the .slc and .dfa files are not generated.  Also, there
> is this funny error message during installation:
> (Reading database ... 74273 files and directories currently installed.)
> Preparing to replace jed-common (using jed-common_0.99.17.111-1_all.deb) ...
> Running /usr/share/jed/compile/jed-common.../var/lib/dpkg/info/jed-common.prerm:
> line 10: test: : integer expression expected
> done
> I cannot find where the problem is.  Could you confirm this in your
> systems?


> I think that the problems above must be fixed before release.


Regards, Jörg.
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