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Jörg Sommer joerg at
Thu Sep 29 21:28:53 UTC 2005

BTW: @Günter, please do not send discussion emails to the commit list. Do
a followup to the -devel list.

BTW2: Can we set this as default, that a reply-to header gets added to
every message on the commit list. If we have access on the hook scripts
of svn we can add the -r option to
-r pkg-jed-devel at


G. Milde schrieb am Thu 29. Sep, 15:39 (+0200):
> On 29.09.05, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> > Log:
> > Prevent compression of *.txt files
> > -	dh_compress -i --exclude=libfuns.txt --exclude=jed_funs.txt
> > +	dh_compress -i --exclude=.txt
> Actually, we patched the Help>Browse_Docs feature, so that the files except
> jed_funs.txt, libfuns.txt, and slangfun.txt con be kept zipped (as is common
> use in Debian).

jed_funs.txt do not exists. It's a typo of mine.

Does someone know, what slangfun.txt should be? I think it is a old
version of /u/s/d/slang1/slangfun.txt -- older than 1.4.9dbs-8. Because
libslang2 ships a more up to date version and libslang2 is the better
place to search for documentation of slang functions, we should not ship
it anymore.

> However, there is an issue with closing such files: currently the unzipped
> buffer is marked as changed, so it will not close nicely (but ask for
> saving). Worse: pressing "q" (close in most mode) will set the mode to
> "text" instead of closing (I do not have any clue why).

,----[ ]---
|define most_exit_most ()
|    !if (buffer_modified ())
|      delbuf (whatbuf ());

> So we can either leave all doc files uncompressed (as in your patch), or fix
> the on-the-fly unzipping patch (Joerg?)

Second one. Done.

Regards, Jörg.
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