jedfuns.txt.gz needs unzipping

G. Milde g.milde at
Fri Sep 30 06:42:36 UTC 2005

On 29.09.05, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> We should talk to John if he plans to drop support for Jed_Doc_Files,
> because get_doc_files() exists and it is supported by
> get_doc_string_from_file(). I would prefer dropping support for
> Jed_Doc_Files.

Unfortunately, both get_doc_files() and set_doc_files() are

  intrinsic function  Undocumented
However, I might have to support these in add_libdir().

>   * Correct _slang_doc_dir to /usr/share/doc/libslang2. Closes: #317582.

Rafael hinted on this and so I updated and the path is nice again.

However, /usr/share/doc/libslang2/slangfun.txt.gz is gzipped, so I'll
file a bug report there.



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