Bug#451565: jed-extra: no Suggests dependency on ispell

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at debian.org
Sat Nov 17 08:16:55 UTC 2007

* Alan W. Irwin <irwin at beluga.phys.uvic.ca> [2007-11-16 15:54]:

> Package: jed-extra
> Version: 2.4.2-1
> Severity: minor
> ispell from jed-extra is a drop-in replacement so it is possible this bug
> should be filed for jed as well.  Anyhow, I wish to point out that neither
> jed or jed-extra have a Suggests dependency on ispell, and I believe one
> should be required since obviously the original jed ispell or the jed-extra
> ispell and ispell_region will not work without the ispell package being
> installed.  For my new debian testing install I assumed ispell was installed
> when I tried ispell from within jed, and I found out the hard way that it
> was not installed which is the reason I am filing this bug.

This is a good suggestion, thanks for making it. The jed-extra package
already suggests several others (like slang-gdbm, slang-curl, slang-sqlite,
slang-expat, slang-wildcard, and a2ps).  If nobody from the DJG disagrees, I
will make this change soon.

Otherwise, Alan, you should note that the new ispell.sl in jed-extra 2.4.2
works now with aspell in a transparent way.  If you have aspell installed in
your system, then Ispell_Program_Name will be set automatically to "aspell".
Aspell is an excellent replacement for Ispell, it works out of the box with
UTF8 and proposes better alternatives when doing the corrections.

To the DJG: I think that it is appropriate to use in jed-extra:

    Suggests: [...], aspell-dictionary | ispell-dictionary



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