UTF-8 and ispell

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at debian.org
Wed Sep 19 20:21:55 UTC 2007

[Cc:ing to pkg-jed-devel]

* Paul Boekholt <p.boekholt at gmail.com> [2007-09-19 19:43]:

> 2007/9/19, Rafael Laboissiere <rafael at debian.org>:
> > * Rafael Laboissiere <rafael at debian.org> [2007-09-19 17:10]:
> > I tried to change the dicitionaries-common script to generate a
> > jed-ispell-dicts.sl like the one attached below, which uses _slang_utf8_ok
> > as suggested.  However it does not work and I still get the "Invalid UTF-8
> > encoded string".  I think that it is not allowed to have a .sl file
> > containing both UTF-8 and non-UTF-8 encodings, as the attached one.  Ma I
> > right?  In this case, how could I trick this into jed?
> I don't think that is the problem, the file evals OK. Can you trace
> the error by adding
> _traceback=1;
> to the top of ispell.sl and checking the *traceback* buffer?

I do not know what I was doing before, but it is working now.  Well, the
file evals ok but spelling does not work for buffers in UTF-8 encoding. Do
you think ispell.sl could be adapted for that?



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