[Dict-common-dev] UTF-8 and ispell

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at debian.org
Sun Sep 30 21:17:21 UTC 2007

* Agustin Martin <agustin.martin at hispalinux.es> [2007-09-30 21:56]:

> I intended to commit changes tomorrow, or if not possible on Tuesday. I only
> made some cosmetic changes to your patch (other committed things were about
> policy clarifications, unrelated to this). I did not even yet wrote last
> changes coming from this thread, so if you have them ready feel free to
> commit them. I will do the cosmetic stuff later.

Done.  I integrated the comments either by Paul or you:

* The S-Lang code is wrapped inside "#ifexists ... #endif" constructs, such
  that loading jed-dicts-ispell.sl will never fail.

* \xxx characters are converted to chr, such that the strings of aspell-bg
  will be correctly represented in the S-Lang code.

There are spurious white-space changes in my commits.  Sorry for that.  My
editor is setup such that white space at the end of lines are automatically
stripped.  I noticed it too late and reverting it would be too complicated.


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