G. Milde milde at
Fri Apr 11 07:40:19 UTC 2008

Dear Jed package maintainers,

after an update to slsh (2.1.3-3) some jed-extra (e.g. scripts
failed to work. I could track this down to "/usr/share/slsh/" missing in
the jed library path.

The reason is given indirectly in slsh's changelog.Debian.gz

slang2 (2.1.3-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * set SLSH_LOCALLIB_DIR="", as we don't ship a local-packages dir in 
     Debian (breaks FSSTND).

while the code in is looking for slsh/local-packages first:

#ifdef UNIX
if (is_defined ("import"))
   foreach ([
# ifexists _slang_install_prefix
# endif
	     guess_jed_install_prefix ()
	$1 = ();
	$1 = path_concat ($1, "share/slsh/local-packages");
	if (2 != file_status ($1))
	set_jed_library_path (strcat (get_jed_library_path (), ",", path_dirname ($1)));
	set_jed_library_path (strcat (get_jed_library_path (), ",", $1));

This problem is hidden, if some extra slang-modules (like slang-curl) are
installed, as these (currently) install into slsh/local-packages.

What shall we do now:

* file a bug-report to slsh that u/s/slsh/local-packages/ despite its
  somewhat misleading name is used|required by jed and several

* patch (and mail the patch to John as well)?

  In this case, the patch should include the addition of the slsh/help
  dir currently done in /etc/jed.d/

* change the install path of the slang-* module packages?


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