Modes from Guido Gonzato

G. Milde milde at
Thu Jan 3 13:00:09 UTC 2008

On 27.12.07, Jörg Sommer wrote:

> Guido Gonzato provides on his page[1] some updated modes for Jed, e.g.

The changes to the version in jed/lib/ are rather cosmetic (private instead
of static variables and an outcommented menu separator in the help menu), so
I'd rather keep this one out. Asking John to update the shipped version to
Guidos last update 
  %   Version 1.3.4; for jed B0.99.13 upwards.
  %   Last modified: 2 April 2003)
might be good, though.

> and some new modes, esp. colour modes. Should we include them? I
> think we should. What's your opinion?

 * not without asking,
 * preferabely add interesting modes to jed-extra
 * preferabely add them to Jedmodes (which would facilitate the management and
   make them more visible to non-Debian users as well.)


> [1]

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