Processed: Re: Bug#482487: jed-extra: does not exist

G. Milde milde at
Tue Jun 17 08:23:35 UTC 2008

On 16.06.08, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> Processing commands for control at

> > reassign 482487 jed-common
> Bug#482487: jed-extra: does not exist
> Bug reassigned from package `slsh,jed-common' to `jed-common'.

Please leave this bug assigned to slsh as well: the documentation says:

  assign to two packages only, if it can be solved by either of them.
slsh can solve the bug by re-introducing a directory that was removed
without warning and without mentioning in the changes. Up to now, there
was no reaction to the question (from JED) why exactly this directory was
removed. IMO, there should be "canonical" paths for slsh scripts 
analogue to e.g. usr/share/python/site-lib in Python.

I agree that fixing the path-addition code in is "the right

> > retitle 482487 jed-common: Respect /u/s/slsh even if /u/s/slsh/local is missing
> Bug#482487: jed-extra: does not exist
> Changed Bug title to `jed-common: Respect /u/s/slsh even if /u/s/slsh/local is missing' from `jed-extra: does not exist'.

Please use full written path names in public visible places to avoid
ambiguity and be understandable to non-experts.


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