Invalid time stamp in last upload

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at
Sat Feb 14 21:41:57 UTC 2009

* Jörg Sommer <joerg at> [2009-02-14 15:13]:

> Rafael Laboissiere hat am Sat 14. Feb, 13:53 (+0100) geschrieben:
> > * Jörg Sommer <joerg at> [2009-02-14 12:46]:
> > 
> > > Muck, you've forgot to update the time stamp.
> > 
> > Argh! I have overseen that.

That happened because we have different work styles.  In the other
collaborative packaging projects I am involved, we always have a sane
trailer line in SCM, such that uploaders can do the release straight away
from the repository.  You once raised the objection that the trailer line
should not be changed before the actual release in order to avoid polution
of the changesets.

Note that I am not criticizing your approach.  Both approaches have its pros
and cons.

> > > I'll fix this with the next upload. Thanks for the fast upload.
> > 
> > Do it right now, since you are already allowed to do it.
> AFAIK, this take a little bit, because the field in the file is not
> decisive. There's a list somewhere in the da(r)k *lol* which contains the
> real rights. And I don't think it's so important that we should do a new
> upload. It doesn't hurt.

No problem.  It really does not hurt, in particular because the package is
in experimental.  It is just, er, a bit stupid :-(


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