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Sun Feb 15 20:11:00 UTC 2009

Hello Rafael,

Rafael Laboissiere hat am Sun 15. Feb, 19:50 (+0100) geschrieben:
> * Jörg Sommer <joerg at> [2009-02-15 18:59]:
> > If you change with each update the timestamp this line differs in all
> > commits. Due to this you will get a conflict everytime you move commits
> > around.
> Yes, changing the trailer line at each commit is an overkill.  However, when
> a non-DM group member prepare a release, he/she could let the trailer line
> in a sane state,

Yes. I could have done this to. I don't know why I didn't did.

> At any rate, now that you are a DM, this will not be a problem anymore, at
> least for the jed package.

Yes. :)

> > But I assume you don't do any commit movements in the other project or
> > what's your experience regarding commit movements?
> What do you mean by "commit movements"?

With git rebase --interactive it's possible to change the order of
commits. I've did so for the commits for the configure flags:

2009-02-13 18:41:24 +0100 Merge commit 'origin/upstream' into 0.99.19 (0d58f4df17bf3e4f13c568d2604030a4f64ad5a9
2009-02-13 18:44:24 +0100 Start a new version (fd8f2f47ffa626ef6d5f0cb301a9ec981994ceba)
2009-02-13 18:52:50 +0100 Merge commit '1%3A0.99.18+dfsg.1-11' into 0.99.19 (41e5b32b18fe4822313732c2b220a6e643

2009-02-13 23:38:17 +0100 Set configure options --build and --host; add configure_flags (74743802530496e762d377
2009-02-13 23:48:43 +0100 Use configure options to en‐/disable gpm, xft supp.; drop patches (0e2d41a5edf6ca5d52
2009-02-13 23:53:47 +0100 Remove dpatch option file (077df95dc1848dce7943c8994ed98a7cc77ea628)

2009-02-13 23:10:21 +0100 Remove workaround for broken rxvt keydefinition (0300bb9b6db412cdf6121a2a6865b0951f05
2009-02-13 23:16:34 +0100 A README.source to describe the patch managment system (b6cb2fded30ab70597907f580a988
2009-02-13 23:19:08 +0100 Bump standards version to 3.8.0 (939fc21d2a4f80520fe32010a889384e384537eb)
2009-02-13 23:21:09 +0100 Set DM-Upload-Allowed field to yes (b091167db838c5444b50231dd1b663741e566ba4)
2009-02-13 23:22:48 +0100 Replace build dependency libgpmg1-dev by libgpm-dev (90a4f08e32d8f24b9be921320c6c913e
2009-02-13 23:29:39 +0100 Remove removal of unused info directory (e6845dd86259a094e54cb5ad95c4a7c5f3b91f7f)

2009-02-13 23:56:15 +0100 Don't link xjed with libgpm (d5a4ccaea1e9550ce933961357e499a7c304b809)
2009-02-14 01:15:47 +0100 Add ${misc:Depends} to all packages (fb8af9a42b23612d3626006044d6bcb030d1475b)
2009-02-14 01:17:29 +0100 Enable check for errors in {jed,xjed}.prerm scripts (c666ffd1be2217ee13de86439ca13cef

I was to lazy to do the commits after making the changes. So I made all
changes and created then the commits with git commit -i. But I did it in
the wrong order. The first what I did was removing the dpatches, because
the package did not built otherwise. They had to come earlier to make the
package build as soon as possible. Due to this the time “jumps backward”
after these three commits.

With git you can easily reorder commits.

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                                                       Oliver Hassencamp
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