Bug#563237: jed-extra: not obvious how to use new modes

Jonathan Nieder jrnieder at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 10:28:44 UTC 2010

Package: jed-extra
Version: 2.5.6-1

Dear jed team,

I am looking for a simple editor that accepts vi bindings and supports
syntax highlighting.  Reading the jed-extra package description, I find

| Enhancements include:
|  * new or enhanced editor emulation modes for:
|      Vi, Cua, Brief

so it looks like this might fit the bill.  But xjed(1),
/usr/share/doc/xjed/README{,.Debian,.Debian-startup}, and
/usr/share/doc/jed-extra/README{,.Debian} provide no guidance that I
can see how to use.

xjed itself does not support vi keys and even hitting ^C to send it
SIGINT does not result in any intuitive response (it says "Quit!" and
just sits there expectantly), so I decided to kill it and avoid
starting it again rather than expect guidance from that corner.

Would it be possible to add some note to some README.Debian to help
ex-pats from other editors to start out?  Ideally, this would be a
comment along these lines: "To switch the default editor emulation
mode for jed system-wide, run 'dpkg-reconfigure -plow jed'.  To change
it for a particular user, run 'jed-setup'."  But if such a front-end
is too much trouble, magic incantations to add to some file would be
fine, too.

I look forward to your thoughts.

Happy new year,

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